A 50 G

A 50 G
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Twin wheel soft castor without brake

Diameter: 50 mm
Variants of fixing: D35k, D38k, D42k, D45, A8pr, A8, A8zd26k, A8zd26, C8zd12, C8zd14, Dr8x11, Dr.8x20,
M8x8, M8x12, M8x16, M8x30, M10x20 A10x25, B10x31, E10x20, E11x20,
E11x20 pl. ring (noiseless), M10x10
Load: 30 kg
Material: Polypropylen, Thermoplastic elastomer
Code: 502
Standard color: cerna
Any other color is possible by agreement

Variants of fixing

D 35 k
D 38 k
D 42 k
D 45
A 8 pr.
A 8
A 8 zd 26 k
A 8 zd 26
C 8 zd 12
C 8 zd 14
Dr 8x11
Dr 8x20
M 8x8 (13)
M 8x12
M 8x16 (15)
M 8x30 (16)
M 10x20
A 10x25
B 10x31
E 10x20
E 11x20
E 11 plastic ri...
M 10x10
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